At Radical Galaxy Studio, the virtual landscape is our playground

Radical Galaxy is a creative studio specializing in visual solutions for the digital un-built architectural environment. We take our craft seriously, originality, quality and conveying the message are of utmost importance.


We all come to work every day pushing the boundaries by using cutting edge tools to create inspirational work. We are designers, architects, developers who have teamed together and take our craft seriously. Originality, quality and conveying the message are of utmost importance. We combine all of our creative and technical backgrounds to produce an experience tailored to our client’s needs. We value honesty, passion from our team and clients to explore the creative landscape of real estate marketing using innovative technological solutions.

Our Partners

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is changing the way we visualize environments by allowing us to experience interactive real-time built to scale walkthroughs of buildings and structures before construction is started. By looking through a VR headset, your audience can visualize the project from anywhere and feel immersed in the space.

When creating VR experience we can add in the ability to change different elements for example:

Change finish options
Select among buildouts
Change structural elements
Shadow studies

This tool is much more convincing than 2D and allows viewers to evaluate and not only to see a representation of it, but to actually experience it. With the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality, you can go even further by moving through the 3D virtual world and interacting with objects.

Want to know more about using VR to market your project? We can help you strategize how to use VR as part of your process.



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