VR Technology in Tourism

In a true “try before you buy” fashion, Virtual Reality offers potential travelers a guided tour of a destination of interest, via immersive, 360 degree views. They feel like they’re “already there” and can make a decision on flight and hotel booking much faster thus increasing sales in a shorter time frame.

How to Use Augmented Reality for Marketing

In order to expand their brands and gain visibility and profit, companies heavily rely on marketing tools and techniques. This ever-evolving industry has come a long way from the archaic newspaper ads and radio spots to today’s many online marketing methods.

Virtual Reality For Training

With the many different and exciting ways in which Virtual Reality is now being implemented, it has well established itself as a bona fide asset to many in many industries. From retail and architecture, all the way to the medical field, VR is gaining some serious traction

Using Augmented Reality for Wayfinding

As exciting as exploring an unknown territory may be, it can also pose some challenges. Many, in fact. Thankfully, a new wave of augmented reality infused wayfinding apps are popping up, providing consumers with an efficient way to find their...

Gray Magazine: Designers Enter the Third World

Radical Galaxy Studio is honored to be featured in the September issue of Gray Magazine. It was an honor to be featured along side other great design firms!

Featured on Page 100:

Augmented Reality in the Medical Field

Augmented Reality (AR) has officially surpassed the ‘new kid on the technology’ scene status and is gaining some bona fide star accolades in a variety of industries that have opened the door to this game-changer. AR use is growing in popularity...

How Virtual Reality is Being Used in the Medical Field

It’s no longer news that virtual and augmented reality have spilled out of the gaming world onto many other industries. Some of the benefits and show-stopping moments that these technological advances have introduced to the retail, cosmetics...

Augmented and Virtual Reality Differences

“Virtual reality and augmented reality have the potential to become the next big computing platform, and as we saw with the PC and smartphone, we expect new markets to be created and existing markets to be disrupted” -Goldman Sachs Investment...

BisNow: Beyond The Bio: 16 Questions with Matthew Shaffer

Profiling professionals in real estate who have transformed our neighborhoods and reshaped our cities. After a decade-long career in investments, Matthew Shaffer turned the tables and launch a firm centered around disruptive technology

IREI: The Proptech Landscape

For the venture capitalists funding this new sector, proptech is a broad category, encompassing commercial and residential real estate, and tools that support data/investment as well as construction/operations — real estate technology comprises everything...

Are Custom Homes Prime for Virtual Reality?

In today’s technology-driven era, we consume, look forward to and find inspiration in the latest tech advances that make our lives easier. Though the human touch is an unbeatable force when it comes to design

Apple Rumored to launch AR and VR products by 2020

Apple is rumored to be launching new Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) products by year 2020. They have been researching this technology for over 10 years, but with the increase in popularity and demand of this technology, insiders report