Today, Radical Galaxy Studio, a real estate technology firm with offices in the greater Seattle area and New York City, announced that Lochwood Lozier, a high-end custom home builder based in Redmond, Washington, has named Radical Galaxy Studio as its preferred Virtual Reality (VR) provider.

VR can be used to get a sense of scale and make modifications to early stage plans, or to review different interior design options instantaneously such as changing ceiling heights or room dimensions, flooring options, back splashes, countertops and other elements to customize the space.  Within the virtual reality world, users can also walk freely into and out of the home or up and down the stairs, peek into closets and even toggle on and off light switches and faucets, giving them a better sense of the space’s layout and allowing them to make more informed buying decisions.

“We’re going through the largest technology transformation within the real estate industry that I have seen during my career, and the advancements that Radical Galaxy Studio is making today are enabling us to reimagine the home building process for us and our clients,” said Todd Lozier, CEO at Lochwood Lozier. “We’re improving our process to take full advantage of the latest technologies, which will enable us to adapt and provide our clients with a more personalized and time efficient experience building their custom homes. Our relationship with Radical Galaxy and the services they provide are essential to creating the best experience for our clients.”

One of Lochwood’s early clients used the VR software to walk into a VR model of their dining room and immediately opined the room was too small, even though they had been happy with the size when looking at the 2D plans. Without Radical Galaxy’s tools, the client would not have been able to identify this problem until the framing for the house was complete, at which point the issue would have been expensive to fix, requiring an engineer to make complex structural changes. But because the problem was identified before the building stage, Lochwood was able to quickly modify the design before breaking ground.

“We are excited that Lochwood Lozier selected us as their preferred Virtual Reality provider,” said Matthew Shaffer, Managing Partner at Radical Galaxy Studio. “Lochwood Lozier was one of, if not the first, custom home builders to harness this technology as part of their service to provide their clients with the best experience during the home building process.”

About Radical Galaxy:

Radical Galaxy Studio, LLC ( is a creative studio specializing in visual solutions for the un-built architectural environment focusing on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). The Radical Galaxy team consists of designers, architects and developers who have teamed together to push boundaries and use cutting edge tools to create inspirational work. In addition to VR/AR/MR, Radical Galaxy offers architectural renderings, 360 videos and panoramas, animations and real-time PC walkthroughs.

About Lochwood Lozier:

Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes specializes in designing and constructing quality homes with enduring design and superior workmanship, utilizing innovative products and techniques to meet total customer satisfaction.  While our primary business is constructing custom homes in the greater Seattle area, we also have an established remodel division and a landscaping company. We have painters, framers, landscapers, laborers and equipment in-house to better control the costs, quality and scheduling.  We’re not just offering custom homes, but also a tight-knit relationship as we intend our homes to become part of your family legacy.